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Beauty Brands

Showcase your products to thousands of Independent Beauty Supply Retailers and Customers

Beauty Retailers

Expand your customers reach with on demand delivery to consumers throughout your city and region

Barbers/Hair Stylists

Manage your business anywhere and attract customers based on the hair types you specialize in servicing

For Independent Beauty Brands

Showcase your products to thousands of Independent Beauty Supply Retailers

  • Build your Brand Awareness with Customers
    Easily build relationships with leading beauty retailers by sharing your brand following, average monthly sales, target market locations, as well as other key performance information retailers consider.
  • Find Retailers in new markets with Ease
    Easily identify leading indie beauty supply retailers within a new market and get your products sold on their shelves.
  • Simple Brand introductions to Indie Retailers
    Build visibility with leading Indie retailers by highlighting your brand following, sales on looking a specific market, and other key brand information that retailers look for.
  • View Business Reports and Gain insight
    Gain access to how your products are selling on Lookr, and discover what other types of products Lookr users prefer in individual markets.

For Independent Beauty Retailer

Attracts new brands and customers with ease

  • Expand your Reach with On-demand delivery - Just Bag it and We’ll Grab it
    Now you never have to stop selling. With Lookr, start your day bagging mobile orders and a Lookr couriers will grab them and drop them off to your customers throughout the region within the same or next day.
  • Allow Loyal customers to be your Retail Ambassadors
    Empower hundreds of your loyal customers to acknowledge your great customer service as they showcase your beauty supply store as their “Go to Beauty Supply” on their Lookr profile.
  • Build Deep Customer Insight
    Leverage your dashboard that highlights your top spending customers, the top delivery zip codes, the top selling products on Lookr, and more to help you make data based business decisions.
  • Stay on Top of trending products in your local market
    Discover new products that are trending on Lookr and are used by those in the Lookr community living in your metro area.

For Independent Barbers/Hair Stylists

Attract new clients and showcase your skills

  • Showcase all the hair types that you have experience servicing
    Select all of the hair types that you specialize in serving and specifically attract new customers with those hair types to position yourself for strong reviews.
  • Know your market potential
    Understand how your local market is changing from month to month using Lookr business intelligence to create region-based marketing strategies.
  • Empower your clients to refer you new customers
    Empower hundreds of your loyal customers to acknowledge great customer service and promote your business as they showcase you as one of their Top 5 Hair Stylists.

Lookr's Joint Venture with BOBSA

The Black Owned Beauty Supply Association (BOBSA) provides assistance to new entrepreneurs seeking to open a “brick and mortar” retail beauty supply store or an online store. In order to spur local economies and help these independent small to mid-sized businesses adapt to this Post COVID-19 economy, LookR and BOBSA have established a joint venture to offer preferred pricing, access, and other services to BOBSA network members and partners.

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Trusted Partner

Lookr Has Partnered With BOBSA To Offer Preferred Pricing And Access To Black Owned Beauty Supply Association Members

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